Bloggers Fest – Meet & Greet


Bloggers Fest – Meet & Greet
As soon as we hear that EVRAA takes it’s first steps into the offline world, and were dedicating the first round of the event to a blogger’s festival, our excitement took no bounds. Bloggers Fest – Meet & Greet was held at Phoenix Marketcity Kurla. As soon as we entered, we could spot some beautiful, quirky shopping stalls full of dresses, accessories and a lot more. The workshop was about to begin. Eager to listen to the first talk of the day by Shivani Patil (@thefdrug) A personal Style, lifestyle & Beauty Blogger, we quickly grabbed our seats for thefdrug’s talk and interactive Q and A round.

We were astound to know that Shivani (Fashion blogger) has achieved great success in such a short time since she began blogging last year in February. Her style is stunning and moreover being teenagers, could we connect to her style. She balances her college and work life which inspires us to do the same.

With Shivani Patil (@thefdrug)

After hearing such an amazing talk, we could not wait for Juhi Godambe’s interactive workshop who is a Founder & Director of ArabellaOfficial and a Personal Style Blogger. Her topic was “How to maintain a balance between blogging and work.” We were touched by Juhi’s generosity to give the entire audience a chance to introduce themselves. We were stunned to know that Juhi manages Four Jobs. She listed out some Do’s and Dont’s about blogging. Some of the Do’s being systematic, consistent, being passionate and giving equal importance to work and blog and don’t’s being not to be lazy and get going. Juhi schedules her work on excel sheet which makes her work easier and better. When we interacted with Juhi , we were humbled by her warm gesture.

With Juhi Godambe

Next up was the most awaited talk of the evening, by Aashna Shroff (Thesnobjournal) a Personal style, beauty, travel and a Lifestyle blogger who gave to the point talk on “How to start your own blog.” Not only did she guide us about the essential things that you would need to start a blog but also spoke about do’s, don’t’s and misconceptions about blogging.Her detailed discussion was very informative and engaging. She covered topics on which camera to use and the best blogging platforms.

She mentioned that if one is starting with their blog it would be easier to start on “blogger” since they provide with step by step tutorial to set up your blog. Once the blog is established one can switch to wordpress as well. She explained why “Nifty fifty” lens is what someone should invest in if they have a DSLR and told us how taking a picture in front of a good background can make a huge difference, how natural lighting is the best for taking pictures, making it visually attractive. When we interacted with Aashna in person, she helped us solve our queries and was so warm to us.

With Aashna Shroff (@thesnobjournal)

When we interacted with Riya Jain A personal fashion and lifestyle blogger, she guided us throughout. She said that it is important to be patient when you start a blog and told us to follow other bloggers whose posts would be a daily inspiration to us. She told us to post at least twice a day on Instagram to engage the followers.

We got to learn, take back some wonderful memories from the blogger’s fest. Thank You EVRAA for making it happen.

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