Incredible crystal dimsums – Wok Express, Bandra.

Crystal Dimsums
Iced Tea


“Like all food, whether you’re talking about Persian food or Chinese food, or Swedish food, it’s always a reflection of wars, trading, a bunch of good and a bunch of bad. But what’s left is always the food story” – Marcus Samuelsson. Let us take you to this amazing food corner where you will find the most Incredible crystal dimsums – Wok Express, Bandra.

“The Crystal Dumpling ( filled with carrot,beans,water chestnut) were incredibly flavourful, teensy, bits of heaven that totally made our day. The steaming little envelope of dough encasing the filling is so delicate and fragile, almost to the point of transparency.”

‘Dim sum’ refers to a vast array of bite-sized dishes typically eaten over a long brunch and served with tea. Whether savoury or sweet, dim sum dishes can be prepared in a number of ways (usually steamed, fried or baked). There are many myths surrounding the origins of dim sum. The popular story is that it was created by chefs of the Royal Court many centuries ago, in order to ‘touch the heart’ of Chinese emperors.Each dish at these meals usually consists of three to four pieces of dim sum, which arrives in piping hot bamboo steamer baskets or on small plates. The most popular types of dim sum range from dumplings, buns, wraps and noodle rolls

Location and Ambience : Here’s a place we recently visited in Bandra, Pali hill called Wok express. They serve dim sums, bubble teas and of course customized woks. The furniture is well spread out, giving each group their space so even when it’s full, people can walk up to make their Wok at the counter.

Food– It has a self – service counter where you can choose how you want your wok to be  done. It is customizable and there a number of choices you can make from things like selecting the veggies, the sauce, base(Rice or different type of noodles) and  the size of your wok(medium or large). They have diverse options. Other than woks they also serve dimsums and buns. We started our afternoon with Bubble tea. The crystal dumpling( filled with carrot,beans,water chestnut) were  incredibly flavourful, teensy, bits of heaven that totally made our day.

Service– It is mainly self service if you chose the wok. The food that I ordered was quickly delivered to me on the table and I was happy with quantity and the quality of food.

Price– Given the fact that going to a restaurant now cannot happen too often because of the amount of taxes and cost of making food ends up becoming a burden on our head, Wok express plays it safe between the reasonable eateries and the more expensive ones. Out here, if you have a medium sized wok and a drink, you pay about Rs 300 for a meal that will fill you up to the brim.


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