Pondicherry – Travel Diaries

Today’s post is very special as it takes me back to memories of my Exciting Pondicherry – Travel Diaries. Pondicherry also known as Puducherry, is where my travel instincts took me this time. It is a Union Territory town bounded by South Eastern Tamil Nadu State. Its French Colony is accessorised by beautiful Villas and Chic boutiques. It is also called the White Town.

IMG_1149 (1)

Let me take you through the details of my Trip

How to reach Pondicherry

I took a flight to Chennai and on the arrival, I opted for Zoom cars to rent a self drive car for the rest of the Trip. It was a three hour journey from Chennai to Pondicherry.

Places I visited in Pondicherry 





It is a Dome shaped structure covered with Golden discs that give the structure characteristic radiance. The Matri Mandir represents Human conciousness. Inside the dome is a Meditation hall known as the Inner Chamber , a place for an individual to experience Silent concentration.

Villa Shanti

A multi-cuisine restaurant with a lovely ambiance. The combination of earthy colours mostly white with hints of brown at the doors and tall palm trees gave a very pleasant feel. It became my favourite eatery in Pondicherry with brilliant Continental food. The Arrabiata Pasta was delicious and we also tried the Pesto Pasta which had a rich Creamy texture.




The Promenade is the long stretch of beachfront along the Bay of Bengal. There is also a wide pavement suitable for walking. It becomes lively in the evening, and is surrounded with many restaurants around.

IMG_2229 (2)



is a  Universal city dedicated to the concept of Human Unity. Their visiter center was a well kept, tidy place with a museum, stores and a café. I loved their variety of Gourmet desserts and icecreams, with many of them being Vegan and Gluten free.

IMG_1236 (1)
Gelato Factory

A place with Unique ice-creams which are  authentic in the Italian sense. I tried the Ferrro- Roche which was super chocolaty just how I like it. My cousin cherished the Peach Ice-cream which is  rare yet so tasty.


Motorcycle Diaries Café

We went to the Rider’s Café with a Motor Cycle store just beside it.  We tried a lot of items on their menu. I tried their Brownie Milkshake which was splendid.


Apart from all this we also

-Visited the Aurobindo Ashram where we experienced the true meaning of Silence and strolled along the French Colony.

I hope you guys liked our first travel post. Have you been to Pondicherry? What are your favourite destinations? Let us know in the comment below. 



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