How to style with Neutrals

This outfit is inspired by the creativity of a Poet’s mind. I’d like to name this look‘ The wanderer’. Being a writer myself, every now and then I have this urge to look for inspiration and create something new, and Unique.

As you can see the colours are mostly neutal be it the white croptop, navy blue skirt and grey scarf. But yet there are green elements that steal the show like the green neckpiece(attatchment to scarf) and tinted green block heels.
When styling with Neutrals , one should always be sure of what they’d like to keep as a highlight. In my case the highlight is the scarf with a neckpiece on the Center Front. 

For this shoot I was honoured to have my hair and Makeup done by Priyanka (Glam it up) . With over two years experience at Mac, Priyanka has achieved expertise in not just makeup but also hairstyling. I call her my magician as she never fails to surprise me. Ofcourse in replacement to a wand her instruments are her enormous collection of Brushes.  To learn supercool tips and tricks related to makeup  Follow her on Instagram @prialulla and on Facebook @

I also enjoyed shooting with the vespa scooter as my prop. It also depicts the travel journey that poets might indulge in for the sake of experimenting and making it your own piece.
This look works like a dream for daytime events as the colours have a silent yet accurate take for sophistication. To create this look yourself, you can pair a croptop with any skirt but make sure it is extremely suttle. You could work around with printed scarves or neckpieces which could play the role of a Statement piece .



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