Best Handmade Accessory You Will Ever See

​My excitement knew no bounds when I saw this beautifully handcrafted jewellery by Richa Soni @soni_richa. I was especially in love with the earrings.( Could barely wait to wear them!)

Usually, I select my outfit and then the jewelry, but this time it was the other way around. 

When I first saw the jewelry it reminded me of the ornaments inspired by Mughals. This Handcrafted jewelry is exquisite and it was not only made by putting forth in mind the Mughals inspired Motif but also kept in mind the contemporary quotient. Must say, The combination of Wood and Rabari for this jewelry is a win win!

It was interesting to see the details carved intricately into this mirrored ring which enhanced the look of my outfit. 

The white off shoulder top and the multi-colored textured skirt went seemingly well together, and the location was perfect to get some great photos.
Jewelry by : Richa Soni

Location : La Patio


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