Exquisite Accesories & Food Review

Today we will take you through the Exquisite Accesories & Food Review. Food lovers stay tuned till the end of the blog for a quick review.

1. Pearl Necklace : This definitely is my go-to option for almost any outfit. It can make a dull outfit look seemingly bright and can just give just the right amount of polish to a simple outfit. One can not only wear this with a dress, but could be worn with casual outfits, cardigans, tunics and much more.

2. Dangle/Hoop earrings:

Could you ever think of wearing a traditional outfit without a pair of earrings or a neckpiece? I believe that accessories can make or break an outfit. Dangle or Hoop earrings can never go wrong when you’re opting for ethnic wear.
3. Chokers

History tends to repeat itself and the saying definitely holds true in the beauty and fashion world. Kendall Jenner wearing a choker has been a trend and it’s all over social media. The choker,of the velvet, metal, rhinestone or leather variety has been a rage. The kind of choker necklace I am wearing instantly uplifts my outfit and would love investing in more of these.
I would love to know from you all what kind of jewelry would you prefer?

Accessories by : Richa Soni (@soni_richa)

Review : LaPatio,Mumbai

If you’re considering coming to Mumbai or if you live here but haven’t tried this place, check it out. It is a rooftop having indoor and outdoor option. Their seating arrangement impressed me. They have vibrant colourful looking sofa like chairs which are so comfortable to be seated in. It’s a perfect place to chill in the evening. It has a lively atmosphere with great staff. Nachos with beans here is actually the best Nachos we’ve ever had. We would highly recommend to try this dish here since it’s so healthy and yummy. 😍
Location : La Patio


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  1. The food looks so good! Love the first dress, it is so gorgeous ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much 💛


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