Breaking the pattern :Floral Print

When we think of Floral Prints, we tend to associate it with only spring summer season. But when I really think about it, living in the heart of Mumbai, we’re used to experiencing heat all year round, apart from winters when it is pleasant. So in this post I am clearly breaking rules or should I say “breaking the pattern”by wearing floral print in the month of December. 

Street Soul

This floral print dress is from @streetsoul, Lokhandwala. The store brings the “street”ambiance to life. They have a huge variety of accessories, garments, ect that look perfect for a rock theme look. 

They have a lot of other options to chose from like printed dresses to gowns, pretty skirts, ect. In this post, the floral dress was definitely the right pick for me. It was fun and breathtaking at the same time to finally break the norm : floral pattern. 

Vedge Restaurant

We did this Photoshoot at Vedge restaurant, Fun Republic mall. The place has a lovely ambiance and they were very kind to us throughout the whole process. We tried the paneer chilly dish which was super tasty. A place I would definitely recommend anybody to visit. 

Hope you’ll enjoyed this post 🙂 


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