Recreating Serena Van Der Woodsen Style

Serena Van Der Woodsen – is a style icon and a main character from a popular TV show called Gossip Girl. Serena has an impeccable sense of fashion. Her style is classy yet feminine and most importantly it’s of her own. People crave to have her wardrobe. She continues to wow us each season with her designer-meets-bohemian-meets-preppy style and today I will be Recreating Serena Van Der Woodsen Style.

Look 1: 

Serena Van Der Woodsen Style

Skirts & Dresses : Serena has a quirky yet sophisticated style when she wears dresses. She loves Sequin and isn’t afraid to experiment with prints and colors in her outfit. Having a great figure, short dresses compliment her. 
I spotted this exact Red Dress that Serena wore for only 1,600 INR. This store has some great pieces that you could can carry with utmost grace. Every dress has its unique style and you can check out this store named- What’s up in Lokhandwala

Look 2:

Glamorous GownsThe most popular Upper East sider adores glamorous evening gowns. The textures are silky and soft, which makes her look delicate and feminine. She is spotted wearing this gorgeous dress at the White Party. I was simply awestruck on finding the same dress that serena wore to the White Party in Gossip girl season 2. I found it at Zilkastores, Bandra for INR -1000. I came across some great outfits that serena had worn throughout the gossip girl girl at this store. So girls what are you thinking!? Rush to this store now.

Outfit from here

Look 3: 

Serena’s style is inspired by the Upper East Side, so there is always an element of classic chic that one can even spot in her high school dress. To get her school look you should opt for pleated skirt with a white T shirt and and a tie.  

Outfit : @Forever21India

Location : TeaTrails is a great place to chill. I’m fond of such cute cafés. It has an indoor section with cozy interiors and I particularly adore the corner with Tea shaped designed wall. They have a pleasant outdoor and a palette of food to soothe your taste buds.We cherished every bite of the Pizza and Dutch Trufle Dessert. If you love cafes, should you definitely visit TeaTrails 

Photo credits : @Shutter_Factory

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  1. modestnook says:

    Such a good idea for a post! You pretty much nailed her style. Haha I love gossip girl.

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    1. Thank you so much. ❤❤

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