Recreate Gossip Girl Outfits- Blair & Serena

Serena and Blair are the two core characters in Gossip Girl. They have been best friends since they were kids, which means that they have been friends before the “Pilot’. They refer to each other as S and B. Throughout the series, the two go through ups and downs. They have their moments where the two are “frenemies”. But, in the end, Serena and Blair work it out.
Gossip Girl took us by surprise every season and definitely made our heads turn! Blair Waldorf & Serena Van Der Woodsen keep our pulses racing to their flawless outfits and Today we’re going to share with you how did we Recreate Gossip Girl Outfits- Blair & Serena

Look 1:

Blair and Serena have an impeccable sense of fashion. We have worn similar Bright Blue and Red dress inspired from Gossip Girl. These are our personal favourites from Serena and Blair ‘s wardrobe. Outfit : What’s up Store   

Look 2: 


Blair’s School Style:
Blair steers clear of the rebel style and gives her uniform some personality with a pretty neck tie and some statement accessories.

Serena’s school style:
Putting your own mark on a school uniform is the first sign that a fashionista is about to blossom and Serena makes her stamp on hers with dark boots and a nonchalant neck tie.
Outfit: Forever 21

Blair Waldrof, known for her impeccable fashion sense, inspires us with her outfit classics from the past. She looks up to Audrey Hepburn.
Serena Van Der Woodsen’s style is classy yet feminine. People crave to have her wardrobe. Serena and Blair’s style inspires us and we are really happy to share some of their looks. Get Your Gossip Girl Outfits for much lesser now at Forever 21 
Hope you all enjoyed reading the post.
Photo courtesy : Shutter Factory
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Outfit: Forever 21 

Photo courtesy : Shutter Factory 


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  1. tatetiffany says:

    Lovely post gossip girl used to be one of my favorite shows..I have recently nominated you for the blogger recognition award

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    1. Thank you so much, it’s an honour to be nominated 😄

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