2017, Season’s trendiest Crystal Jewellery + Outfit 

After reading a few of fashion magazines, I wanted so badly to be able to create the type of organised chaos you often see in those pages and today I’m going to share my 2017, Season’s trendiest Crystal Jewellery + Outfit. The outfits often include many details and accessories piled on and yet there’s this harmonious balance to them, too- much like you see today’s photo.
I started using those ideas and creating them. It’s my version of velvet black, and Icy blue that works in real life, so a couple of weeks ago, I visited this boutique Sparkling Window and got my hands on their exquisite pieces.
I was really impressed with the variety of collection the store had. It offered an ethereal collection of premium traditional jewellery and modern contemporary designs. I collect dainty crystal rings to signify different memories in my life and I saw quite a few there that day which would make a perfect addition to my stack. I could not stop drooling over their rings and they so affordable in price.

Out of all the jewellery pieces that I saw, the crystal jewellery was my personal favourite. It was the first time I came across the innovative tie chain and I adore the earrings that I’m wearing in this picture. All the unorganised chaos now had certainly began to be a bit more organised which certainly motivates me to put out better pictures and content each day. The store had so many options for the holidays, and they offer jewellery repair and customisation (from a simple engraving to designing your very own piece) which I thought was very convenient.
Timeless staple dress from What’s up Store and Check out the Season’s trendiest Crystal jewellery in store or see their collection online here Sparkling Window

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  1. quinncove says:

    Gorgeous pieces!!
    Thank you so much ❤

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  2. Renu says:

    Exclusive jewelry


  3. Vogue Crafts says:

    Wonderful Blog, helpful information fashion jewelry is latest trends check with Vogue Crafts and Designs

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