Jaipur skirts – style with comfort

India is a land of rich textiles and handloom heritage . Block prints of Jaipur are symbol of detail and tradition. There is a particular significance of each print. The common ones are human figures, peacock, camel and village settings. The creativity of this technique is why all women fall for it. 

This skirt from Leelan has several layers of animal, abstract and paisley motifs. It’s black and white colour maintains the contrast of dark and light. I love how flowy and light it feels. It allows me to twirl around making me feel weightless. 

Nowadays we see lot of traditional prints in indo-western silhouettes. I’ve done the same with this look. Also, the whole look is absolutely colourless and chic at the same time. I did so because when we think of our traditional block prints, immediately bright colours cross our mind. So I’m here to break the myth and enjoy this flowy colourless combination.

I wore the skirt for a casual day out and I’m absolutely head over heals in love with it. The full length and flare made me feel as girly as ever. I love how flowy and light it feels. It allows me to twirl around making me feel weightless. It was the perfect easy, breezy skirt to wear for the evening.

Do let me know what’s your take on Jaipuri skirts and how you style it. I’d love to know your feedback,

Outfit Credits –

 http://leelan.com/ , Bandra

Until next time,



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  1. Harsh Kumar says:

    Really beautiful collection! Your blog is very good 😊. I am also a blogger – http://www.glanceinfo.com


  2. i love these skirts, got so many from bapu bazaar


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