Showcasing the most innovative collection of the year : ITM Spark Plug, 2017

We were pleased to be a part of the ITM Spark plug, 2017 fashion show as it was an an evening of design, fun & dinner amidst budding talent and industry professionals. ITM, an institute of Design, hosted their annual design event called “Spark Plug” showcasing the collections of their students.

We were overwhelmed to witness each collection as it was so unique and different from the other. The couture collections designed by student designers were inspired by various individualistic themes like Wilted Flowers, World War 1, Classy Black, Gangs of Samurai, Greek Goddess Theia, Godfather amongst others.

World War 1 was about women being liberated as an outcome to the circumstances of the war. Dresses became shorter and sports became passion. This collection was completely red and white. We loved the elements of ripped sleeves and strips with short dresses.
Mercurial Clock was about the changes that one goes through from youth to adulthood. The collection depicted the transition from young to old. The colour palette was different shades of pink, white and vine all combined in an ombré look that gave a very feminine feel.

The designs oozes with enthusiasm and energy making the garments look extraordinary. The styling and draping of each garment is exquisite and definitely make our heads turn.
We hope you guys enjoyed this blogpost. Stay tuned for more posts like these as we have a little surprise for the next blogpost. Do let us know your opinion in the comments section below.
Photography: @sv13photography

With love,



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