Sneakerhead savour 

How have you guys been? I hope everything is going well. This monsoon I began hunting for something simple and appropriate for the rainy weather. I was looking for a replacement to those heavy denims which take hours to dry up. The search wasn’t long and I found myself adorned in classic grey jogger pants. 
Street Fashion comes from youth culture when people for the first time took fashion not from studios but from outfits worn on the street. It was a major transition from elaborate dressing of the upper class to the dress code of the common people. 

Tapered sweatpants called “jogger pants” are one of the hottest new trends in womenswear, according to industry experts. They have been my go to look for a long time now. Along with the comfort they provide us with, they also look quite trendy for an everyday street style look. 
These Joggers are from Leelan. What I love about them is how soft and comfy they make me feel. Especially while working out I prefer non- clingy fabrics and this one’s just right. They fit well by price and comfort. It’s an additional option for coordinating outfits for sneakerheads. They don’t ever fail to make you feel like a Girl boss.They had two colours – grey and black. It’s always better to avoid light colours since you don’t want to get your favourite outfits dirty especially the white ones. So I opted for dark grey Joggers. 
I paired them with a navy blue stripes top. I bought the top from shopperstop. What I love about it is that it has so many brands under one roof. Below the Joggers I wore these black leather shoes. I adore the style and the fact that it has star metal studs on one side.
Hope you guys enjoyed the post. Let us know your opinion in the comments section below. If there are any particular topics that you’d like us to cover, don’t hesitate to tell us. We’d be willing to make blogposts based on your suggestions. 

Until next time, 


Outfit Details

Jogger pants- Leelan

Stripes top – Shopperstop

Leather shoes- Shoesociety

Shades- Propshop


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