Nautical stripes 

Lately I’ve been quite busy running errands. Admist all the pending work that needs to be done. I was looking for a bit of inspiration for my next look. I was looking for something minimal yet bold at the same time. Basically something I can wear for different occasions. My love for the sea is well expressed in this look. I finally found what I was looking for – Nautical Trend. 
The nautical trend is one of my personal faves. It’s always crisp and clean, but in order to keep it fresh, we opt for pieces like graphic stripes and strong silhouettes.
There’s something special about stripes that I can relate to. Maybe it’s how simple they look and yet make a prominent statement. Or it’s about the variety whether it’s narrow or broad and what colours it’s paired with. Eitherways they never fail to impress me. 

I was surfing on internet when I found an online shopping site called Leelan. I was stunned by their variety. The have everything from casual tops, flare skirts, jogger pants and casual dresses. What I love the most about it is the various prints that they have from bohemian, paisley, geometric to traditional Jaipur prints as well.
The moment I saw this red and white stripes croptop, it was love at first sight. The colours are so vibrant and fresh. Also red and white go really well with a nautical look. 

I decided to take my nautical inspired look to yet another level. So I paired it with a black skirt from forever 21. The buttons on the centre add some more sailer elements to my look. I chose to wear black leather slides to complete the overall outfit. 
Hope you guys enjoyed this blogpost. Tell us what’s your take on nautical trends this season. 
Until next time,


Outfit Credits – Leelan


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  1. manjot singh says:

    you really did a good job

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