Push yourself out of the comfort zone- Seek Adventure. Go experience Durshet forest lodge

Hello everyone!

Today I am sharing with you all my experience with Nature trails and a pleasant stay at Durshet forest lodge with fellow bloggers.

This place is cocooned amidst the Sahyadri mountains & situated on Khopoli-Pali road; a paradise for nature lovers.

I’ve spent my past two days exploring the resort and packing in as many activities as possible during my stay- from Rappelling to Rafting and everything in between for a true adventure in Durshet.

Lets me take you to day 1-


It took us about 2 hours to reach the wide acre space from Mumbai. It was drizzling and weather was perfect. As soon as we arrived, we were assigned our deluxe tents and I was glad to find my tent placed right in front of the pool. These deluxe tents were spread evenly over, surrounded by the pool and it was a beautiful sight to be amidst the nature, enjoying the breathtaking view of this place.

Post our delicious lunch; we geared ourselves for some adventure.


My Rappelling experience: I took a deep breath looking straight faced, as I was petrified to even look behind. I proceeded to lean back as guided by the instructor. There were two ropes, triple linked in, person on top coaching me as well as person on the bottom to help take me off the lines.

I began stepping cautiously down the rocks being continuously encouraged by my fellow bloggers. Not even for once did my feet glide off the wall. I got down very carefully and on reaching the ground my ear to ear smile and heavy breathing was satisfying signal of a fantastic experience.

I am glad to have finally overcome my fear! This activity is really safe to do and the instructors were organized and kind! I’d encourage you to take a trip with Nature trails and Scott to Rappel! They offer activities like river rafting, zipline, and more.

On Day 2 we went for river rafting! This experience was not new to me as I enjoyed the thrill earlier in Rishishek. But, this one with like-minded enthusiasts was even more fun! With our life jackets and helmets, we were all set to do rafting. Our instructor was friendly and made us enjoy every moment! For almost an hour and half covering a 16-km stretch, we rowed with strength battling the rapids. It started to rain half an hour before reaching the point and we all jumped into the river.. It was an incredible experience floating in the river enjoying the weather. ! I’d advise everyone to take a rappelling adventure!

I have been getting DM’s on my Instagram regarding the place and how to reach there so check out this quick overview:

How to reach Durshet Forest Lodge & about this place:

This wonderful location is only two hours away from Mumbai and pune. It is 100km away from the airport and 15km away from Khopoli railway station. Durshet makes an ideal vacation stay. With 16 AC Cocoon rooms, 7 large & 4 small Cottage rooms, 5 large dormitories, a well-equipped conference hall, a full-fledged kitchen and dining hall, It is also an ideal stop-over point for Kundalika river rafting, an adrenaline boosting activity offered all year round at the Kolad Camp-site by Nature Trails.

This Resort has a breathtaking view where you can relax in the evening and watch the sunset. In the monsoon months you can sit outside and enjoy the rains with a beautiful view on one their outside tables and chairs.


I was staying at this deluxe tent with a pool facing view.

The room was air-conditioned and was well kept and organized. The hospitality, service and the comfort I received while enjoying my stay at Durshet forest lodge is simply unforgettable.


This place serves up delicious food. Putting down their menu here for a better idea:


Idli Chatni or Meduwada sambar or Poha or Misal Pav (any Two)

Bread Butter, fruits. Tea, Coffee

Lunch 3 Vegetables, Dal Rice, Chapati,

Papad, Pickle, salad, chatni and buttermilk

Fruits & Sweet Dish

Evening Tea, coffee & snacks
Dinner 3 Vegetables, Dal Rice, Chapati,

Papad, Pickle Salad Chatni and buttermilk

Fruits & Sweet Dish



If you’re looking for some adventure, then Durshet forest lodge has got you covered. It offers adventure activities like Rappelling, Zip-line, Burma Bridge, Tarzan Swing, Rock-climbing, Hiking, Archery, ladder climbing etc inclusive of their package.

Other optional activities include Trek to suranda village, visit to umbarkhed battle field (Historical battle field of Marathas), visit to Adlabs Imagica and kunadalika rafting.

All adventure activities are guided by certified instructors and follow the highest standards of comfort and safety.

Prices are very reasonable, especially if you’re coming out for couple of days. You’ve got plenty of options to keep you busy.

All in all it was an adventurous, fun-filled weekend that allowed me to recharge my energy levels and come back “fresh” home.

Natures trail group is a friendly, ensured safety first, encouraging, helpful and wonderful group! I felt safe, as they explained and taught me things as a beginner that I needed to know! This trip has made me meet some great travel bloggers and we’ve made wonderful memories together.

Whether you are a couple or friends/family looking for a weekend getaway, you’re surely going to have a great time here.

Don’t miss out on this special offer! Use my code ‘BRINDA’ and avail 15% off while booking your room on http://www.naturetrails.in

Valid till 30th november’18

Happy Saturday and thanks for reading.


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