How to Transition your Look in Two Minutes 

Sometimes, especially when being surrounded by so many beautiful clothes on a daily basis, you lose sight of the actual beauty. So I’ve told myself I need to take more time to “experience” the clothes I wear, and not only wear them when I need to shoot them for brands or boutiques. 

I felt like this Red jacket was definitely a much needed accessory to my dull office wear clothes. You can easily pull off a formal look by wearing a simple high-waisted pants, or a sleek pencil skirt, which is an ideal length for an office wear. To add quirkiness to usual formals you can opt for trivial sleeves transitions by going for a Cold shoulder or a Cape. 

Next, I was looking out for a quick transition from office wear to causual wear, keeping key elements same. So I went ahead and teamed up shorts with leopard print top and Red coloured jacket. I cannot think of more classic combination like leopard and red which would never go out of style. And it feels amazing.  It looks great during the day, and at a beach all you need is to add a bit of lipstick and perhaps some cool sunglasses.

How do you feel that? Do you actually enjoy the clothes you wear, or you don’t really think about it any more. You just pull a look in the morning before work, not thinking what it will do for you – make you feel beautiful, a strong women, or just you..

I always wonder how other people’s dressing routines are. Let me know in the comments below how you see this, and approach this. Hope  you enjoyed reading. 🙂

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Brinda xx 

Red Jacket- Leelan | Top – Zara | Shorts – Forever21


Evergreen stripes

Knee length skirts have always been a preference for all the youngsters out there. But now maxi skirts have finally come on top of the fashion league. If Styled correctly, this trend is at the forefront of sophistication. It gives a very flattering look. Also, It is a great piece to have if you’d like to change up your look a little, and look classy while doing so! 

“Women wore long skirts for centuries, mostly as a matter of modesty and prestige,” Steel says.”For hundreds of years, a long skirt was the very definition of luxury, mainly because fabric was so expensive.”

Maxi skirts are a boon for lazy girls who manage without hitting the salon on time. Not only that, these skirts make you look taller and slimmer. Now that’s a win. 
Today I’m wearing a maxi skirt from Leelan for an everyday look. I love how the stripes add symmetry to the whole look. Also the diagonal stripes add more depth to the overall look. Maxi skirts look super comfortable to me in the summer and perfect for these hot days. That’s why every summer I use them more and more, besides they look very feminine and have a lot of style. 

I paired the skirt with offshoulder croptop from Forever 21. Black is always in style and will be forever and ever, for sure. Whether it is spring or fall, it is always adequate to make a fashion statement.
Although I usually wear them with flat sandals today I show you how I combined it with strappy nude heel sandals.
Let me know what’s your take for Maxi skirts and how you style them. It would be great to know your feedback in the comments section below. 
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Yellow is back this summer

​The weather has been warming up guys!! Summer is here and that means sun dresses are on full rotation in my closet. I have been filling my closet with yellow and blue hues. 

I was on a hunt for a summer skirt and this one fits my bill. I wore this this cute little palm print skirt a week ago and I’m obsessed. I love love love the print. The moment I got to know it’s a free size I picked it up and it fits me so well. Neon goes well with this, but would also look good with a white tank or even a casual tee. I have had the neon top for over a year & think it is absolute crazy pants that it hasn’t made an appearance on the  a blog yet, because it is hands down the best fitting top in my closet and is super comfortable & I adore the color. The end result of my outfit turned out to be so much fun. 

Its the perfect silhouette for daytime shopping and easily transitions into my cocktail dress for a glass of champagne. It feels good during this hot weather and I like that I can wear it with wedges to dress it up a little bit. Leelan is more affordable than you can think and the quality of clothes is brilliant. 

Effortless style is key when you are on the go and I always love checking out Leelan’s latest collections. Big Thank you for letting me style with your new collection. 

May we all have a wonderful Tuesday and beginning to a new week is my hope. Thanks for following and I love you all! 

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Outfit credits – Leelanstores 


Jaipur skirts – style with comfort

India is a land of rich textiles and handloom heritage . Block prints of Jaipur are symbol of detail and tradition. There is a particular significance of each print. The common ones are human figures, peacock, camel and village settings. The creativity of this technique is why all women fall for it. 

This skirt from Leelan has several layers of animal, abstract and paisley motifs. It’s black and white colour maintains the contrast of dark and light. I love how flowy and light it feels. It allows me to twirl around making me feel weightless. 

Nowadays we see lot of traditional prints in indo-western silhouettes. I’ve done the same with this look. Also, the whole look is absolutely colourless and chic at the same time. I did so because when we think of our traditional block prints, immediately bright colours cross our mind. So I’m here to break the myth and enjoy this flowy colourless combination.

I wore the skirt for a casual day out and I’m absolutely head over heals in love with it. The full length and flare made me feel as girly as ever. I love how flowy and light it feels. It allows me to twirl around making me feel weightless. It was the perfect easy, breezy skirt to wear for the evening.

Do let me know what’s your take on Jaipuri skirts and how you style it. I’d love to know your feedback,

Outfit Credits – , Bandra

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Plaid – Monsoon style 

It’s time to welcome the monsoons with some comfortable and breathable clothing. You’d want to try something that’s lightweight and easy to style. Cotton and linen clothes are a good buy in this humid weather. You can even go for chiffon and georgette as they soak the sweat and are very light to carry around. Avoid tight-fitting clothes and go for anti-fit style and flowy fashion.

Plaid has been in style for 3000 years now, be it the unofficial uniform for grunge rock artists or identity for the Scottish clan. 

The best thing about plaid pattern is how well it works for menswear and womenswear too. We see checks (plaid) pattern in almost every silhouette. You’ll find it on tops, skirts, trousers, etc.
This geometric print gives structure to any outfit giving it a bold and strong feel. In today’s time we see lot of variations with Checks and different ways to style it. 
Plaid blended with other fabric textures makes something simple quite dramatic. This top with a black leather jacket would do the same. 

Today I am wearing this full sleeves red plaid top from Leelan. The top is super comfy and chic. I could literally sleep in it. The cotton material makes it just right for the weather . Also, It has an crossover cut at the back which makes it breathable and adds some sexy element. 

I paired it with denim shorts for an everyday look. Checks and denim is an old classic combination which can never go wrong. For some drama I carried a black umbrella. 

I’d love to know your opinion about this look. I hope you enjoyed this blogpost and feel free to share your thoughts about it and stay tuned for more posts on their way.

Outfit Credits – Bandra

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The Only Summer Staple You Need

Summer in Mumbai is absolutely crazy, but your summer outfits don’t have to be! It can be challenging to figure out a comfortable and breathable summer outfit, and even more challenging to figure out a fashionable summer outfit. Thankfully with the warm weather I’ve been able to wear some fabulous summer outfits that totally beat the heat and make me look and feel as stylish as ever. 

So, What’s on my summer checklist? Nothing too fancy as we are keeping it low keel. I can’t tell you how obsessed I was with white and florals last summer’s, I’d still wear them but I had to update my summer wardrobe with a fresher style.

I love how yellow is making a comeback. It’s not so loud and just fit right with the blue shorts. I could actually wear this outfit every day. The leaves print of the boat neck tee gives such a summer vibe. I see this as a really effortless but at the same time so classy for casual wear. 

For me, the reason I adore this is because you can wear to the beach, to brunch, for formal parties when paired with a jacket. Not only are these extremely versatile, but if you’re planning for a trip they’re also all so lightweight and perfect to pack, making more room for accessories. 

I hope you all enjoyed reading the post and have the best Saturday. Thank you for stopping by. As always, if you have any questions, comments, or requests please leave them below. I’d love to know what you guys think about today’s outfit. 

With love, Brinda 

Graphic tee – Leelanstores, Bandra 

Belted shorts – @forever21 

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Travel Book Review: “Luxurious Chiang Mai”

Cover LCM

Hello folks,

We’re enthralled by this book – “Luxurious Chiang Mai” and can barely wait to tell you all about it. This book “Luxurious Chiang Mai” is by Laura Gibbs, a freelance writer and a travel expert who has travelled extensively through Asia and Europe and bases her writing on real life experiences.

If you’re planning your holiday or honeymoon to Thailand, this book is a perfect travel guide. It covers everything that you’re looking out for. It gives an honest and reliable information of the best hotels, resorts and luxury properties, Spas, Sightseeing in Chiang Mai, festivals and events, fine dining, bars and nightlife, shopping, activities and trips around the region of Northern Thailand.

While Chiang Mai is so often talked about as being cheap and a great spot for budget travellers, it is rarely mentioned as being one of the best places in the world for affordable 5 star luxury, therefore this book stands out as it tells you exactly what makes the luxury hotel special (includes details about accommodation,architecture,view,food and much more), offers you a range of hotels and that would be ideal for you. Another great feature of the book is that it gives an insight about the traditional days and monthly festivals that they celebrate. The most popular ones being the Songkran (Thai New Year), Loy Kratong (Sky lantern festival), which is an enriching experience for the tourists. This book is a paradise for tourists and gives hands-on experience of luxury hotels, shopping and other activities. The visuals and content is great and is so far the best travel guide we have come across. You should definitely avail this incredible book here:

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